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Mike is a full member of the Directors Guild of America and an experienced Festival Director, Creative Media Producer and Stage Manager* for live television production having worked in Los Angeles on variety specials, award shows, top tier series and TV specials.

His other great passions are festival and event creation, making music, photography, tourism, writing stories and his home in the West Of Ireland.

*Senior Floor Manager UK

worked on ~

Mike has produced several large events and festivals and revels in the process of creating and managing iconic events. Music, film and the arts are his particular passion and during his New Zealand years Mike worked with some of the industries foremost creatives on film premieres, large concerts, ski jumps, mountain events, intimate night markets, gala specials, conferences and artist tours.


"Its all about the challenge, the imagination and the moxie".

events ~

The Lord Of The Rings "Return Of The King" World Premiere ~ Project Manager for City of Wellington, NZ

The Montana Christchurch Winter Festival

~ Director 2001/2/3


Eventing The Future. The Events Industry Conference for New Zealand

~ Co-Founder 2001/2/3

The Marlborough Wine & Food Festival

~ Festival Director

Lunasa, Grada, Wylde Takafoleys, Claddagh, Rua, Alan Kelly, John Carty ~ Tour Promoter

The #siarsessionsseries - Originator


NY Sky1.jpg

Mike is an accomplished bouzouki, guitar and bodhran player. His passion is in the Irish traditions with a strong fondness for fado, jazz, new Irish artists and a wider circle of world music.

Mike is recording a new project with the prolific Trillion, NZ producer A.K.A. Jody Lloyd. He is also busy teaching his daughter how to give it socks on her xylophone, ukulele and tin whistle (or is that the other way around?).

Contact Mike if you are looking for amazing Irish musicians (trad, jazz, new) for your event or you are interested in lessons on bouzouki, guitar or bodhran.

music ~

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